Think of it as a universal gym for your brain...

...but instead of using weights and resistance to exercise your body, GyroStim uses motion, gravity, and interactive challenges to stimulate and exercise your brain and sensorimotor systems. 

Integrated with an interactive laser targeting system, GyroStim uniquely combines vestibular, visual, proprioceptive, and other sensory stimulation with cognitive and physical exercises. It immerses you in a 3-dimensional, interactive brain training environment that stimulates, exercises, and challenges your ability to perceive, process, and react with the world.  

EVERYONE begins with low-intensity training. The training intensity may be increased, but ONLY when you are ready for greater challenge.

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At right, an athlete is improving his reaction time and spatial awareness with a sports performance training run.
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What is GyroStim?

GyroStim is a computer controlled multi-axis rotating chair. This 3-dimensional whole-body balance training system provides incremental challenge and interactive exercises to the complex chain of interdependent components that comprise the human balance system.

GyroStim's innovative technology and methodology break through the limitations of previous tools and strategies. Its highly versatile design and applications make GyroStim ideal for addressing a wide range of balance related issues.

GyroStim opens the door to a world of new possibilities for clinicians, medical researchers, and athletic trainers committed to helping people from all walks of life in their pursuit of better balance, better performance, and a better quality of life.

GyroStim has multiple applications:

  • At lower levels of training, GyroStim is used by those with balance-related issues as a result of concussion, TBI, vertigo, PTSD, MdDS, autism, aging, and other conditions.

  • At higher levels of intensity, GyroStim is used by athletes, executives and others with fast-paced, demanding, high-stress lifestyles to maintain and enhance peak cognitive performance.