GyroStim in Action

Versatile, powerful, and effective, GyroStim is applied in a wide variety of applications. The videos below show just a handful of profiles and applications from therapeutic exercises to extreme sports performance training. Click the "PLAY" arrows to view.

Incremental Advancement

GyroStim training typically begins at a low level of intensity with slow, rhythmic, and non-inverting motions. This provides opportunity to quickly become familiar and comfortable with the sensations, challenges, and training activities.

  GoPro Video from Inside the GyroStim

This GoPro video provides an interesting perspective from inside the GyroStim during a Level 12 profile. This profile is designed to provide higher levels of stimulation and challenge than the non-inverting profiles.


GyroStim LEVEL 16:

US Olympic Figure Skating medalist, Jason Brown, working on his balance, reaction time, and spatial awareness skills.

  GyroStim LEVEL 20:

Elite college hockey athlete loosening up and getting into the right frame of mind before a practice; firing-up his sensorimotor systems, proprioception, mental acuity, reaction time, and sharpening hand-eye coordination skills.

  GyroStim LEVEL 30:

This athlete is pushing his threshold (overload training) to perceive, process, and react above and beyond his previous abilities with one of GyroStim’s extreme training profiles.