Sports Performance Training with GyroStm
  Technical Specifications
  • YAW: 0-180o/s (30 RPM)
  • PITCH: 0-180o/s (30 RPM)
  • YAW: 0-180/s2
  • PITCH: 0-180/s2
  • 8' x 8' x 7'10"
  • 220 VAC
  • 30 AMP
  • HEIGHT: 7'0"
  • WEIGHT: 400 lbs

Technology and Specifications

Technical Description

The GyroStim is a computer controlled, multi-axis rotational chair. It consists of:

  • a stationary base platform that rotates in the yaw axis
  • a reinforced chair frame situated inside the “u” frame that rotates in the pitch axis
  • a safety perimeter around the rotating chair assembly
  • an arrangement of integrated laser detecting targets distributed around the rotating chair safety perimeter
  • a computer/operator station
The GyroStim is intended to provide a wide variety of controlled intensities of sensorimotor challenges during rotational motions in the pitch and yaw axis:

  • GyroStim is controlled via a user interface computer and easy to use intuitive software placed at an operator station outside the interlocked safety perimeter.

  • Laser detecting targets are mounted on the inside of the safety perimeter that surrounds the rotating chair and may be repositioned as needed.

  • A system of hardware and software interlocks and other fail-safe design strategies are used to provide maximum safety of the subject and operator during rotation.

  • GyroStim drive systems are fully enclosed and maintenance free. There are no chains to lubricate, cables to adjust or electronic devices to calibrate.