GyroStim Safety

GyroStim was inspired by necessity, designed for effectiveness, engineered and built with the highest quality state-of-the-art components, and rigorously tested to exceed industry safety standards


Millions of spins

One of the strongest testimonials for GyroStim safety is that after millions of spins in locations around the world, rotating thousands of people from all walks of life, there have been ZERO reports of injury as a result of device malfunction.

Fail-safe design

The GyroStim is engineered with a “fail-safe” design so that should a malfunction occur, the chair operation will default to a safe state if an unsafe condition exists. This design includes numerous hardware and software interlocks that prevent or stop motion of the GyroStim if they are interrupted.

Redundant stop controls

"Stop" buttons are located within easy reach, giving the subject ultimate control to stop the GyroStim and return to home position at any time. A software stop button on the operator screen will initiate a controlled stop and home routine. Also, an emergency stop button is located at the operator station. Pressing this button will remove all power immediately from the rotation drive motors, causing the GyroStim to glide to a stop in a safe upright position.

Passed rigorous safety testing

GyroStim has undergone safety testing with Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc., a leader in equipment and medical device safety testing.

Institutional Review Board approvals

GyroStim has been approved by multiple Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) as a Non-significant Risk Device for safe use in research using human subjects.

G-force Safety

At maximum intensity and speed GyroStim exerts less than the G-force of a typical theme park roller coaster ridden by thousands of people each day.

A high-tech spin on a familiar device

Multi-axis rotating chairs capable of producing motions similar to that of the GyroStim were developed and utilized in the 1960s for use by NASA astronauts in their mission training. Today they are a standard attraction at space camps and amusement parks all over the world. Although the motion may look similar to astronaut training, GyroStim's patented "pitch inside yaw" design sets it apart from all other multi-axis rotating chairs. It is this very specific and unique combination of axes of rotation that produces the unparalleled success of the GyroStim.