Owning a GyroStim

Owning a GyroStim can be the catalyst for positive transformative effects on many aspects of your business. It can create differentiation from other clinicians and practices in your area, open new revenue streams, offer new and improved strategies for providing the best quality of care, and can significantly increase your bottom line.

GyroStim is built with maintenance-free automation technology, has industry leading uptime exceeding 99.99%, and has low operating costs. GyroStim is intuitive to use and easy to operate. Purchase price includes standard installation, software upgrades, and one year parts warranty. On-site training is provided at no additional charge at the time of installation.

GyroStim is available in three distinct configurations and priced far lower than most people expect. To learn more about the GyroStim G1, GyroStim G3, GyroStim G3X, and current pricing, click here. Interested in financing options, click here.

GyroStim and your business

Like any business, a clinic or training facility must generate sufficient revenues in order to stay in business so it can fulfill its mission to provide services to its customers. GyroStim presents businesses with opportunity to build revenue through diversification and increased client satisfaction, retention, and new patient volume.

We understand that return on investment (ROI) can be a driving force when considering a GyroStim. The Revenue Calculator to the right is a tool designed to help you estimate the gross and net revenues that a GyroStim can generate--- based on factors specific to your business.

What GyroStim owners have to say:

"GyroStim has expanded our business model and created a separate source of income, positioning us to be successful in any business climate and it has increased our reputation as the best clinic in our region. We were the first clinic in the world to have one in private practice. As a result we have patients that have traveled great distances, not just from our local community."

---Dr. Wayne Miller ▪ Santa Maria, CA ▪ Owner since 2/2012

"GyroStim has significantly increased the number of patients to our facility, especially those with TBI, MdDS, PTSD, behavioral issues and learning disabilities."

--Dr. Ron VanderKuil ▪
The Netherlands ▪ Owner since 1/2013

"This therapy is an incredible addition to
the many therapies we already use."

---Dr. Alecia Brown ▪
Charlotte, NC ▪ Owner since 1/2019

"The device is impressive even when not in operation so patients see that you're committed to their health by your investment in the machine. Looked at by peers as a leader in brain rehab."

---Dr. James Duffy ▪ Atlanta, GA ▪ Owner since 8/2016

"Installing the GyroStim has changed my practice for the better, we are getting better results than ever for different types of neurological conditions."

---Dr. Stephanos Kassabalis ▪ Sydney, Australia

Owner since 8/2014

"We worked with Kevin and his team at GyroStim to procure a modified GyroStim system for our research needs related to human spaceflight. In less than a month, the system was delivered, installed, and we were starting experiments.

As our experimental needs changed over time, the team from GyroStim worked with us to modify the control software and hardware to enable each of our requirements. The capabilities of the GyroStim are impressive. In the nearly three years since installing the system, we have used it continuously, where it serves as the primary "workhorse" piece of equipment in the lab."

---Torin Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ann and H.J. Smead Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado / Boulder ▪ Owner since 12/2016