GyroStim & Research

Classified as a non-significant risk device, GyroStim has been approved by multiple IRBs and has undergone extensive 3rd party safety testing at Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc.

Its compact design and small footprint allow for installation in tight lab spaces and small offices. Powerful, precise, and reliable: GyroStim is equipped to meet the high demands of peer-reviewed research.

GyroStim's easy to use interface, versatility, customizable protocols, subjective and objective data collection systems, and immaculate safety record combine to make it an unparalleled tool for supporting diverse research projects for years to come.

Breakthrough Technology;
Breakthrough Research Opportunity.

Along with this new technology comes new opportunity. GyroStim’s innovative technology presents new capabilities to researchers which can be a significant differentiator in the competitive world of research funding and grant awards.

Interested in doing research with GyroStim? Contact us for details about qualifying for a research discount.

Research is to see
what everybody else has seen,
and to think what nobody else has thought.

--- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Features and Benefits
for Research

  • Adjustable chair accommodates
    more than 95% of adult population

  • Precise control of motion
    parameters including:
    - single or multiple axis rotation
    - acceleration
    - deceleration
    - velocity of rotation
    - direction of rotation
    - duration or rotation
    - rotation steps per motion profile

  • Low noise and vibration levels

  • Versatile design for multiple applications

  • Intuitive, user-friendly software

  • Failsafe design throughout

  • SAFE. Zero reported equipment related injuries after millions of spins at numerous locations in eight countries.

  • Data collection and reporting

  • Subject history and system
    utilization reports

  • Library of pre-written profiles

  • Create and save custom profiles

  • Small footprint, fits in a
  • standard office

  • Easy to load, and unload subjects

  • Easy to operate.