The GyroStim Method

The GyroStim Method provides a data-driven progression strategy for challenging and improving the functional performance of the sensorimotor system --- the internal network of systems we depend on to perceive, process, and react to the surrounding environment.


GyroStim accomplishes this with training activities that challenge the individual to recognize, aim, and fire a laser pointer at laser detecting targets that come into their field of vision while being rotated through space in the multi-axis rotating chair.


Each person starts their training at a low level of training intensity, allowing opportunity to become acquainted with the activity. Numerous cognitive and sensorimotor functions are engaged and challenged during the training. The individual's response to each level of training intensity is quantified by their target hits per minute and qualified by their subjective physiological response to the motion. 

The quantitative and qualitative data can be used by the operator to assess the response to the training on the current run, and for determining which training intensity to apply on the next run. This data-driven progression strategy ensures maximum training intensity is applied while protecting the individual from over-stimulation, resulting in training sessions that are individualized, optimized, comfortable, and effective.


Ultimately, whether an individual is using the GyroStim Method for therapeutic applications or training to improve athletic/human performance the goal is the same: to challenge and improve the functional performance of the sensorimotor system.

GyroStim is used by clinicians, athletic trainers, and researchers
to help thousands of people from all walks of life.