"GyroStim gives my patients hope for treatment and outcomes that are not available with traditional methods..

---Dr. Wayne Miller
Santa Maria, CA

The GyroStim Method

GyroStim’s method of data-driven incremental advancement
ensures maximum training intensity is applied while protecting the individual from overstimulation, resulting in training sessions th at are challenging, individualized, effective, and comfortable.

...in Theory


You perceive your world, you process what you perceive, and then you react to it. It’s that simple.

Your human performance is your ability to engage with the world: walk across the street, engage in conversation, drive a car, read and comprehend a book, participate in sports, etc.. Human Performance is your ability to thrive as a human being.

Your unique individual human performance lies at the intersection of your ability to perceive, process, and react: to interact with your world.

The GyroStim method is based on the premise that in order to improve human function you must challenge it. GyroStim is designed to challenge the three fundamental processes that drive many aspects of how we function as humans:


  • PERCEIVE: Detailed information about what is happening around you is sensed through the eyes (vision), body (proprioception), ears (hearing), vestibular system (balance), and other sensory pathways and delivered via the peripheral nervous system to the brain. 

  • PROCESS: Sensory information about the environment is received, coordinated, and distributed throughout the brain, igniting a cascade of processing activity as the brain goes to work, forming an appropriate response to the perceived sensory information.

  • REACT: Once the perceived sensory information has been processed, and a response has been formulated, signals from the brain are fired throughout the body to execute the intended reaction.

...in Practice

GyroStim system and method offers challenging, efficient, individualized, and effective strategies for training and optimizing the performance of the “human system”. Here’s a closer look:

  • A typical training session is 30 minutes, consisting of multiple "runs". Runs are typically thirty to sixty seconds (but can be shorter or longer). Runs are separated by a short rest period.

  • The intensity of each run, number of runs per session, and total number of sessions are driven by the specific objectives for the individual’s GyroStim training. As an example, a person using GyroStim to recover from injury or illness will typically progress more slowly and train with lower intensity profiles than an athlete training to improve performance.

Getting Started:
GyroStim's library of pre-written motion profiles covers a broad spectrum of motion variables for a diverse variety of applications. The library provides the operator quick and easy access to the exact motion profile desired for each run.

    Everyone begins GyroStim training with slow, predictable, non-inverting motion profiles. This allows subjects of all levels of abilities opportunity to become acquainted with the sensations and activities involved with the training, and without experiencing motion discomfort or sensory overload.
  • Multiple laser detecting targets are located on the safety perimeter around the GyroStim. During the run, the subject uses a handheld laser pointer to hit as many targets as possible. Each target hit is communicated to the GyroStim software monitor. This targeting activity provides interactive challenge to many aspects of the sensorimotor system that runs throughout the human body and brain. It also provides a quantifiable measure of the subject’s ability to respond to the training intensity. Additionally, the gamification aspect of keeping score contributes to engagement and motivation.

  • At the end of the run, the subject’s qualitative response, i.e. headache, nausea, dizziness, brain-fog, and other possible symptomatic responsesare recorded and assessed together with their quantitative response, i.e. target hits per minute. This assessment will be used by the GyroStim operator for information on how the subject is responding to the current training intensity, and, guidance on how best to proceed with the next run.

Incremental Advancement:
GyroStim’s method of data-driven incremental advancement ensures that maximum training intensity is applied while protecting the individual from overstimulation, resulting in training sessions that are challenging, effective, efficient, individualized, and comfortable.

  • As the subject successfully completes a run level, as evidenced by combined quantitative and qualitative data, the subject’s training will advance to a higher level of challenge for the next run.        
  • In addition, the subject can be tasked with cognitive exercises during the run to further target the training to meet the specific needs of the subject, continually building new gains.

GyroStim has been used by clinicians, athletic trainers, and researchers
to help thousands of people from all walks of life.