Vestibular and Sensorimotor Research Library

This page consists of a collection of scientific studies on vestibular stimulation, sensorimotor exercise, and their contributions to systems throughout the brain and body. The vast majority of these studies come to a common conclusion that vestibular stimulation is beneficial to the condition or motivation for the study, ranging from cognitive function, to functions within the endocrine system, to physical ability and human performance.

At GyroStim, we are driven by the science that clearly demonstrates the efficacy of vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise for a multitude of conditions and purposes. Fueled by this knowledge, we are committed to harnessing vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise in ways that allow them to be applied with confidence, control, and replication not only for the advancement of scientific research, but more importantly, to enhance their clinical value and contributions to rehabilitation, human performance, and quality of life.

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Vestibular and Sensorimotor Research


  • The results of a study on the efficacy of multi-axis rotational stimulation and sensorimotor training (using GyroStim) as an intervention for MdDS presented at the International Congress on Motion Sickness in Reykjavik, Iceland,┬áin July of 2019.


  • Investigation demonstrating the promise of development of superior outcomes that will benefit a global society. Approaching PTSD as a physical injury rather than a psychiatric disorder is associated with strong statistical and substantive significant outcomes associated with a decrease of PTSD classification.


  • Research scientists at the University of Colorado/Boulder are investigating strategies for making artificial gravity tolerable during manned missions to Mars --- and a modified GyroStim is providing solutions.

Multiple Systems Atrophy

  • A study showing a positive impact on neurological degeneration and decline. With further investigation, it may provide an additional form of therapy for other individuals with MSA.

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