Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and Treatment with the GyroStim

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  1. Cindy Beagle

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    Back in April of this year, I saw a post of a patient having GyroStim treatments after suffering a stroke. The GyroStim was being used to improve cognition and balance. This hit home with me. Even though I had not suffered a stroke, I was having trouble with cognition and balance due to Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS). I took a chance and contacted the Asheville Balance and Vestibular Center in Asheville, NC. Later that same day I received a call from Dr. Kim Fox. She and I had a long conversation about MdDS. She indicated that to her knowledge the GyroStim had never been used to treat MdDS. Well nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Knowing it might not work or it might make me worse, I took a shot and scheduled an appointment. Asheville is a 5 hour drive. We did 5 days of treatment 2 times a day for a total of 10 sessions. After day 3, I and Dr. fox noticed no sway/rock side to side which was physically nauseating to the pre-evaluating DPT (Dr. of Physical Therapy). It was a physical rock that had plagued me for about 6 years, 4 years into this disorder. By day 5, my level dropped from a 10 to a 2. I only had a slight bob up and down. We planned another treatment week for July allowing things to settle down. The brain fog was gone too. I returned July 17th and we did 10 more sessions. I am happy to report zero symptoms. NONE!! I can think again. The brain fog is gone. I do have to say the only problem I experienced is I'm having to baby step my way back into life. When you haven't gone to a grocery store or socialized with friends much, you just can't jump back into life. I am afraid of triggers so it's a must to take it slow. Wow this is awesome. Best of all I got to meet the patient who received the GyroStim treatment!!
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    Cindy, thanks again for sharing your story!
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    Glad to see these posts. Has anyone heard from the other woman who did the treatment? She had to fly in. When will research be added?

    I would have to fly in that is why I am asking. Never mind, I just read her answer and the other woman's also. As usual, what helps one, does not help another. Now to decide whether to spend the money and take one more chance at something working. Will do more investigating.
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    Hi Sally. Each of us is a little different than the other person. The GyroStim in my opinion gives us the best option. I personally would not call it a cure and of course it is experimental. Though in remission, I do have to fight everyday to maintain. We still have MdDS. It's a disorder that is very hard to cure as we all have to be in motion every day. Motion re-introduces motion unless we take precautions. We need to do the exercises as per the instructed by the clinicians and doctors. Get rest especially mindfulness rest. This I think is most important. It allows your brain to unplug and reboot. Take your time and baby step your way back into normalcy. An example would be challenge yourself but know when to stop or extract yourself if you see it's not in your best interest. Watch for triggers. Life will be better. Just listen to your body.

    Hope this helps.


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