Clinician FAQs

Where are there already GyroStim systems located?
Click here for a list of current locations that are open to the public.

How do I use GyroStim safely and successfully with my patients?

  • Methodology training is included along with the basic operation and safety training provided when your GyroStim is installed. This training is offered at no charge to you and your clinic staff and is based on hands-on case work with your patients.

  • GyroStim comes with a library of prewritten motion profiles so that you may precisely control standardized levels of stimulation for every run.

  • Quantitative and qualitative data monitoring helps prevent over-stimulation.
Where's the research?
  • The benefits of vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise to systems throughout the body have been documented for over 400 years. Studies crossing multiple disciplines continue to supplement our knowledge and understanding of the vestibular system. Once believed to be associated only with balance, recent scientific studies demonstrate that the vestibular system and the effects of vestibular stimulation have an impact on multiple systems throughout the human body.

  • GyroStim case studies document its safety and efficacy. Broader studies are currently underway to more deeply study GyroStim's positive outcomes on specific conditions such as concussion and MdDS.
Does insurance cover GyroStim?
  • Many clinics using GyroStim have a cash-pay model, many have arranged insurance reimbursement for their services, others use both. GyroStim does not currently have a dedicated CPT code; insurance reimbursement is a case-by-case scenario based on services provided, not on the technology used to provide it.
How much does a GyroStim cost? What's the ROI (Return on Investment)?
  • In a clinic environment, GyroStim generates positive cash flow immediately.

  • Can pay for itself in under one year, even when ramping up or used at half capacity.

    • To run your own numbers using the GyroStim ROI calculator, click the calculator graphic to the right.
Do you offer financing?
  • Our financing partner understands the considerations of adding a GyroStim to your practice and has created terms that make it easy, affordable, and possible to generate positive cash flow from Day #1. Click here for current terms.
How much space is needed for a GyroStim?
  • The footprint of the GyroStim system, including safety perimeter, is 8ft x 8ft. To accommodate the system, an operator station, and several observer chairs, we recommend minimum dimensions of 12ft x 14ft.

  • The system is 8ft tall. We recommend minimum ceiling height of 8ft. If you are also installing a patient transfer system, the ceiling should be minimum 9ft.
How long does it take to get a GyroStim?
  • Typical lead time is three months following the placement of your order. That said, we often build systems to keep in inventory. Those systems could be delivered within one-two weeks of receiving your order.