Applications for GyroStim

GyroStim is a powerful multi-purpose platform used by clinicians, researchers, and athletic trainers at clinics, universities, sports training centers, and aerospace research laboratories in eight countries around the world.

GyroStim’s innovative technology and methodology provides a wide variety of practical applications of vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise that are not possible by any other means.

Rehabilitation Research Performance
  • GyroStim is in use at clinics and institutions that specialize in conditions such as mild concussion to severe traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental disabilities, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, MS, stroke, and many other neurological conditions.

  • GyroStim is in use at balance and vestibular centers that diagnose and address a broad spectrum of dizziness, disequilibrium, and balance disorders.
  • GyroStim is in use at universities and research institutions pursuing a greater understanding of the vestibular system and searching for advancements in the applications of vestibular stimulation and human performance strategies. 

  • GyroStim is classified as a Non-Significant Risk Device and has been approved by multiple IRBs.
  • GyroStim is in use at elite sports recovery and performance training centers that focus on recovery from concussion and helping athletes reach their greatest potential. 

  • Athletes use GyroStim to challenge and improve abilities such as decisiveness, mental acuity, situational awareness, reaction time, balance, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and other essential skills.
GyroStim is a quantum leap forward in the application, control, intensity, and delivery
of vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise.