Most often used with interactive laser targeting, GyroStim provides valuable multisensory stimulation even when used without targeting, as demonstrated in the video above.
  GyroStim can accommodate individuals up to 7 feet in height as shown in the video above of a 6’7” tall NFL wide receiver.

GyroStim is used by clinicians, researchers, and athletic trainers who recognize the value of greater power, precision, and control in practical applications of vestibular stimulation. GyroStim’s unique combination of vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercise is at the forefront of new and improved strategies at clinics, universities, elite sports centers, and military training facilities in eight countries around the world.


  • GyroStim is in use at clinics and institutions that treat conditions such as mild concussion to severe traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, developmental disabilities, PTSD, Parkinson’s disease, MS, stroke, and many other neurological conditions. 

  • GyroStim is in use at balance and vestibular centers that diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of dizziness, disequilibrium, and balance disorders.


  • GyroStim is in use at universities and research institutions pursuing a greater understanding of the vestibular system and searching for advancements in the applications of vestibular stimulation.

  • GyroStim is classified as a non-significant risk device and has been approved by multiple IRBs.

GyroStim for Athletic Performance

  • GyroStim is in use at elite sports recovery and performance training centers that focus on recovery from concussion and helping athletes reach their greatest potential.

  • Athletic trainers use GyroStim as an interactive, three dimensional “brain-based” training environment to challenge and improve cognitive abilities such as decisiveness, mental acuity, situational awareness, and reaction time.

  • GyroStim training exercises, challenges, and enhances sensorimotor systems throughout the human body that are essential elements of athleticism, improving the brain-body connection, and optimizing athletic performance.

  • GyroStim is also used to help athletes who are recovering from injury. It provides an effective way to maintain balance, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination and other essential skills while waiting to be cleared for return to practice.

  • GyroStim is used by researchers in the study of human / athletic performance enhancement.
People of all ages, all abilities, and from all walks of life use GyroStim for many different reasons,
but ultimately, they all use GyroStim to improve their ability to thrive in life.

People who use GyroStim  
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