GyroStim Innovative technology empowering advancements in
rehabilitation, human performance, and quality of life.

The GyroStim Sensorimotor Exercise System is a technological breakthrough that is unlocking a multitude of advancements in rehabilitation and human performance enhancement strategies.

GyroStim is an automated multi-axis rotating chair integrated with an interactive laser targeting system. It delivers non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical strategies that challenge human function and performance. GyroStim works by providing data-driven incremental conditioning to the human sensorimotor system through specific combinations of vestibular stimulation, sensorimotor exercise, and cognitive challenge.

Today, GyroStim can be found at clinics, sports training centers, universities, and aerospace research laboratories in eight countries around the world.

What are you interested in?

At lower levels of intensity, clinicians use GyroStim for applying gentle yet powerful multi-axis visual-vestibular stimulation and sensorimotor exercises for a
wide range of individuals.

At higher levels of intensity, GyroStim provides athletic trainers and sports medicine doctors with an interactive 3-dimensional "brain-based" training environment to challenge and improve many cognitive and sensorimotor aspects of athletic performance.

At all levels of intensity, GyroStim provides researchers with the power, precision, and versatility needed for a wide range of research projects.